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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  May 27, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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a 12-year old ssootinggvictim victim(ms..bell) "fantastic student, ffiend to many, nevee in rruble, juut the type of child that youuwould want to mo" model....." whaa we saw ear the crime 3cene today and how its linked brrcing for the stiik bugs. bugs.11:44:33 "they eat it all. hey eat t ll!" all!"what maryland farmers are a stunning crime... crime... how a taser wws used in a flag ann nottced it was all rippeddup and ttttered" tattered" and pinttsized patriot. whha
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phis 8yeaa old did to earn that title. 3 hello... i'm jefffbarnd. jennifer gilbert. tonight police are still searching for the men who shot four people porch. one of them...a 2 year old boy... is in grave condition tonight.../ 3 keith daniils... live... outside....plice hunt continues. (dr. bell) "i spent my afternoon, watching him in a hospptal bed unable to
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&ppommunncaae with me. so, from his classmates and my - keeth aniees, fox45 3 & new details into thh arrest of
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a balttmore county caregiver accused of sexually abuuing an adult in his caree was arrested wednesday... tnut after olice searcheddhis home and found vee 50-videos of childdpornography. dettctives say theyyalso found another video shooing chestnut ffrcing ooal sex on a entally disabled man who liveddat the group home where ccestnut beeause he "cannot speak." m &pp1:50 there weee everal incidents and it's believe &pthat this went on for aaperii offseveral yeers. butt butt incident occurred actually in chessnut is now being helddon 500-thousand dollars bail. a spokesperson for caaholicc groupphome - says he's now 33& a... laage fire... brings... two stations out... áááhhsáá... thh scene... at 15... west biddle
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officer... was hurt... in the fire,.../ áássfferingáá smokk inhalation... and was taken to shock trauma.../. hommiiddedetectives... aae goo called... to stabbingg.. ii... south happened about 10-30 this morniig..../ near ... ward and westt p man....was stabbedd n the chest..../ and... taken... to theehospital... in crittcal condition.../. áánoáá word... on a suspecc or motive. baltimore couuty man.../ barricades... himseef... in a bedroom. ááswatáá teams... surrouuded ttis block f... perring....ed terracee../ ááinsideáá was... thomas blannin- man ollce... ere trying to &pserve... wiih a arrant... fo assauut.../. áápollieááá sayy.. he fired a shot... inside the house... /// áábutáá eventually surrendered. rockville police arr lloking &pfor two men who used a stun woman of her to rob a - &ppurse. it happenee as the tt get into her aparttent zapped theewoman 3 times e men - leaving burns on her neck and &p "i heard screaming firstt somebody zipped out of
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sleeppafter that." nd an -3eig 3 police on this case this is the ffrst time they heard of a crime like ttis. 3 ew details tonighh on the battle overrin-state tuition &pimmigrants.people in ssexx petition against it.delegate pat mcdonough says over the next ten years the md drram mmllions offdollars. and that thaa original estimates. that's why he urged ffoks in "a hundred million ddllars in aacc sayy they are in the hole, communities colleges aa they're all having financcaa pr" problems"mcdooouuh says petitioners have mooe tten pnouuh ssgnatures to keep the progress going to get thh dream actton the 2012 ballot
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so voters can decide. ... day... 3 raase youu glasses as propose a toast. to her majesty thh queen. the presiidnt... and firss lady... attended a staae dinner... hosted by the queen is toast.. the band... eggn playing... englann's national anthem..../ presidentt.. continuedd speakingg./ ááand áá when... he turned to the queen.. / she... juut ssood there.. / the ssng was over..../ ááturnsáá outt.. the pced the band...// tt play... the anthem.../ when he stoodd...and spoke the queen's name. bad dayy../ áátheyáá do finish - pew study... inds that women.... are... more rather than... ad boys.../ - guyss...// ááwhenáá impressions,.../ women... preffr men.../ whh... look
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ssllen.../ or boastful. sexuallyyattractivv.../ - ááacrossáá theeboard...// ááwomenáá dissed... smiliig guus...// ááandááá went...riggt... to the... &p proud... moody aad ashamed..../ guys...// good... or bad day? yoo decide.../ ááladyáá performed... on american iiol asn'tthit with a áásheeá &pboommrang...// ááthatáá pparently... is aahat.../ áásheáá.... waa... singing...// hen... suddenly.../ this guy... well.../ joins.. her.../ áásheáá was pinning... "edge of glory"... áásomeáá peeole... say.../ sheewwa... borderllne... porn weeaskee: waa lady gaga's performance inappropriate? we had a heated facebook debaat on this you think she went over the edge... ttacey wrote: "gaga is inapprooriate. the end. dont worry, her 30 seccnds aae almost up." uup" emily writes: lady ggga didn't dooanythhng wrong. &pit was a good performance. but, j--o's booty shake was a l
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the... price of ggs.... ii.... ntt keepiig travelers... from holiday weekendd ./ áákathleenáá cairns... says... the... high- over-riding the high costs...//
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everyone is filling up the thousaads follow a yearly memorial day weekend at the akman)"just going down the ocean. in ooder to get away from doing getting out of the happyy about cost:remember when gas was 1 oh one.. onn oh five..." 20 yyaas aao, oo phheprice of as was a dollar p4.... ii 2001,, it as a dollar seventy a gaalln... the price has practically quadruplld ... in 20 (ocean city b roll) still, ocean cityyday wwekenn maay... and so ffr, hotel reservatiins ccmpared o last ear. ooean piiy officials wanttto enccorrge visitors by ffu...or ree:(mayor)"were gonna with free events.. on pas may be up compared to ast yeaa.. the number of to thee eastern shore.. will not bee down.people are juutt inding aaman)"werr taking a mall car in order to save on gas prices causseits outrageous"(voice only)"its time bit"kc fox 45 3 doesn't that make you ready &pweekend. it'll be hoo... but is rain in thh forecast?? chief meeeorologiss... vvtas peid.../ has your skywatth &pweatherr
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stinkbuus are mmkiig a big thissyear'' nvasion could be
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last ear.triple what we saw year.and theyyre not just intrrding on ur homee and garddns, they'rr also easting on fruit crops.thh experts at baugher's faam in westminster sayythey'reealready seeiig night. last yeer, they lost orcharrs.anndthere'ssnot much ttey can do to keep the bugs oot of their this year. they bouuhh extta on to be test farm for igned - scientists studying the can nly keep their fingerr y crossed. 3&"well, i'm a farmer. you hav to be an optimist...this is not your bbsiness." business." 3&&pitts prooected st find their way into 90 percent &pof homes this summer.. 3 a recall on ddain covers may prevent thousands of publicc poolssfrom opening on ttme this year. year. federaa regglatoos say
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safety equipment that can lead underwattr andddrowning. &pddowning. 1 million pool and spa drain are affected by the . drain covers themselves are not veryyexpensiie, hiring aa pool professional to rrpllce or retrofit them can cost hundreds f ddllaas. 3 3 tattered"helping ameriia stand rescued old ggory from a ne and this ssrimp sn't only prrjects made the list of the most wasteful n america and amerrca. 3 it'll be a tough friday for family remembbring theirrfamily fallen brother. how the state police are going to honor trooper shaft hunter nd support his ffmily. trooper shaft hunter nd support his ffmily.
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it's not about logging on to this week's class. today is a celebration, a triumph of dedication, a victory for that little voice that urges us on. today is a day to recognize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and to prove that not all heroes wear a cape. some wear a cap and gown. congratulations to the strayer university graduates of 2011. thhs evening .... to remeeber aa 3-year-old maryland tate the weekend. weeeend.trooper first class, shaft hunter died eaaly saturday morniig on i- 95, when his patrol car slammed into a tractor raiiee..he viewiig happeeed tonniht... t 11-yearrveteran of the l home t'll e a tough friiay for with thee, i've met hhs family - outstanding people and we ask that you continue to keep them
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innyour thoughhs and rayers. the funeral will be held tomorrow at 11 new antioch baptiit church of &p3 he wwll be uried at dulaney valley memorial garddns in timonium. 3 republican senator coburn of oklahoma is trying o bring some common sense back into how youu ax dollars are spent. hii new report today targets waste by the national science f. poundation. hey spent 80 grand on inding oot why certain teams always dominnte march madness. 3-hundred - farmville and hoo it elps pdults ddvveop and maintain rel. relationships. they droppee aamilliin to find out how trendy baby names. and alf accounts. nd finally a cist.3
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reeearch statton in anttrccicaa ffnded by your tax dollars as taff that atches porn, jello wrestle sand and dollar. common sense or an 8-yeaa-old boy....ttkes american priie to he next leve. llvvl."i lloked up at the flag and noticed it assall ripped up and tattered" of the young marines-- as botherrd by the siggt f a torn american flag at the oceenside pier in california. so he wrrte a letttr to the mayor.the mayor is replacing the flag. he even &psent lukk a leeter of &pproclamaaion. 3 theeholiday weekend starts tomo. like... rain.../ will be here, .../ áábutáá will we... get severe storms.../. áávytasáá has... the skywatch forecast..- 33--3& ravenss egend matt stover sayy
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cuuningham has that story - next, in sportssunlimiied... cuuningham has that story - next, in sportssunlimiied... m
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be in charge of your own personalized foreeast. foxbaltimore dot om. use the interactive tools to trrak cominn stormm down to your street. p go to foxbaltimore ddt com and click onni-radar that's aal for the latte edition...thanks for joiiing us.i'mmjeef barnd... and i'm jennifer gillert.and be sure to tune in to oxx55mmrning news tomorrow -- starting at 5-am.goodnight. goodnight. 3
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